Recommended Resources


Ann Stoneson. Ann Stoneson is the co-founder of Beginning Counselor.  Contrary to popular belief, Ann believes that practice-building doesn’t have to be an exercise in sheer terror.  Her tiny ebook, Fill Your Practice Without a Fight, is a super-affordable, playful look at starting a private practice that offers bite-sized wisdom, humor, and a bit of cussing to help you get started on your practice-building journey.  Learn how to get your own copy here.

Stephanie Adams. Stephanie Adams is the co-founder of Beginning Counselor and the founder of the private practice building site MYOB Counselor: Helping Counselors In Private Practice “Mind Their Own Business.” She helps private practice counselors pinpoint their exact income needs and earn what they want with the free tool: Private Practice Income Blueprint. Email me at for private practice or intern consultation.

Test Preparation

Dr. Howard Rosenthal  Dr. Rosenthal is the author of the “Purple Book,” aka The Encyclopedia of Counseling. His test prep materials are most commonly used by students preparing for the NCE and CPCE. They can also be used as a supplement for students taking the NCMHCE. Check out his Valedictorian Mastery Tool Kit, which includes books, audio trainings, and access to his Inner Circle membership that includes the latest information on the DSM-5 and 2014 ACA Ethics Code.  You can buy The Encyclopedia of Counseling book or the complete review package by clicking on the links!

Dr. Linton Hutchinson Dr. Hutchinson created the first online NCE prep site,  He has also developed websites and study materials for students preparing for the MFT exam, the NCMHCE, and the social work exam.  His flexible, interactive resources include study materials like case studies, flash cards, mobile apps, question banks, videos, audios and more.  He has also assembled a fantastic YouTube channel where you can sample review materials for free.  You can opt to purchase study materials in book or audio format, or purchase a monthly subscription that allows you online access to unlimited practice exams and other study materials.  Dr. Hutchinson created free handouts to help you prepare for both the NCMHCE and NCE – click to view!

EHR/Practice Management

TheraNest TheraNest provides comprehensive practice management software for mental health practitioners.  Their software includes features for scheduling, billing, appointment reminders, documentation and record-keeping, and an optional patient portal service.  One standout feature of TheraNest’s pricing structure is that fees are determined by the number of clients seen, rather than a flat monthly rate charged per clinician.  This can be a very useful feature for solo practitioners, or practices that have many clinicians with modest caseloads.  Learn more about managing and growing your practice with TheraNest here.  Find their tips on shopping for an EHR service here and get 20% off your first three months by signing up here.

Tame Your Practice Tame Your Practice, created by Rob Reinhardt, offers ideas about how to design a counseling practice that is technologically fluent and secure.  Whether you consider yourself totally tech savvy or if the words HIPAA and encryption makes you want to run for the hills, Rob has something for you. Rob’s reviews of EHR systems provides everything you need to know to pick the best EHR/Practice Management Tool for you.  He has even established a consultation service to help you select an EHR based on an in depth discussion about the specifics needs of your practice.  Rob talked with us in our “Internship Tips” series about what interns need to know about technology in order to succeed in internship.  Check out Rob’s blog for pearls of wisdom about HIPAA, data security, and clinical practice in the modern age.

Paperwork & Documentation

QA Prep Dr. Maelisa Hall specializes in helping therapists establish paperwork practices that are simplified and meaningful.  Let’s face it:  most of us didn’t get into this profession for the paperwork.  But the way we keep our records can help protect our practice, guide our treatment planning, and support us in providing the best possible care for our clients.  Dr. Hall does a lovely job of blending risk management and best practices with clinical realities and practical utility.  She offers a number of courses and private consultations, and she has a free blog where she shares her thoughts about ethical and meaningful documentation.  Check out her free online Private Practice Paperwork Crash Course, and get tips on improving your documentation today.  Find Dr. Hall’s top 5 paperwork tips for interns here.


Talking About Therapy Rajani Venkatraman Levis is a counselor educator, community builder, and LMFT specializing in culturally attuned EMDR therapy.  Her latest venture, Talking About Therapy, is a delightful website supplying practice-building wisdom for beginning counselors and seasoned clinicians alike.  The site’s motto –“Building Community, Not Competition” — really says it all.  Whether you’re seeking to develop your self-care skills or your own private practice, you’ll find something useful at Talking About Therapy.  We were lucky to feature Ms. Venkatraman Levis in one of our Internship Tips interviews on internship and private practice.  Learn more about Ms. Venkatraman’s practice coaching here.

Malpractice Insurance

CPH & Associates CPH & Associates is a leading provider of Professional Liability Insurance for allied health and mental health professionals nationwide. Because their business is specialized, they are able to focus on your liability needs in a way that bigger companies are not. Their team of associates represent more than 50 years of collective experience in the field, and they are able to serve a large client base while maintaining a small-office approach. Click here to receive an instant quote and learn why more than 500,000 people have chosen CPH as their trusted insurance provider over the last decade.  Learn more about their discounts for students and new professionals by reviewing their Counselor’s Insurance Checklist.