Our mission is simple and is based on two big ideas.


#1:  There is a piece missing from most counselor’s post-graduate internship experience.

Counseling students and graduates report that they do not have enough guidance in preparing for life after graduation.

They emerge from their counseling programs well prepared for clinical work, but confused about how to pursue their licenses, where to find a job, and how to find a supervisor.

After graduation, they lose the support of their colleagues, peers, and faculty right at the time when they need it most.

We are here to offer the community and support that goes missing after graduation.


#2:  We believe a new counselor’s training can be meaningful, rewarding, and fun.  

We want to empower beginning counselors to take charge of the training requirements issued by their state boards and to make those requirements work for them.

We are here to help beginning counselors through all the seasons of their professional journey–

  • as brand new students who’ve just enrolled in their counseling programs,
  • as seasoned students completing practica or internship experiences required for graduation,
  • as new graduates seeking sites and supervisors where they may complete their post-graduate training and internships,
  • and as beginning counselors practicing under supervision while working toward their independent license.


We believe that, with adequate support and guidance, beginning counselors can have ideal internships.


Ann Stoneson & Stephanie Adams

Site Creators


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